This past year, like many before it, was jam packed with eventful happenings and big things for my family and me. It was also a volatile year in the stock markets, as I’m certain you are well aware of.

I will always remember 2018 as a year of taking-action. I decided to take-action on a few things that yielded huge results. I made some bold decisions professionally and some even bolder decision personally. Luckily, each of them worked out better that I could have imagined.

2018 will also go down a year that I’m incredibly thankful for. I will forever associate last year with the word ‘gratitude.’ Let me highlight a few things that happened in 2018 for my family and me.

  1. I published my first book “28 Things. Life Lessons From A Guy Who’s Nearly Over The Hill.” I have always loved the ‘self-help’ style of writing and I’m proud to be part of that group.
  2. I made my first television appearance on Good Day Central Illinois (WYZZ). That was a lot of fun and I hope to do that again!
  3. I completed my first full marathon at the WhiskeyDaddle Races here in Peoria. Physically, this was the hardest thing I had ever done, but it was also the most rewarding thing I’d ever done.
  4. My oldest child Astrid went to kindergarten in August. Kendall and I were a little worried that she may not take to it right away, but she surprised us, and made us happy by hopping right on the bus that first day. Since then she’s loved every minute it. We are both so proud of her.
  5. On December 14th, RP Zeigler Investment Services turned 6 years old. The last 6 years has been a wild ride. I’m so happy to have made that leap of faith back in 2012. I cannot thank each and every one of my clients enough for their loyal support of what I do here. I’m more thankful and appreciative for every single one of you more than you will ever know.
  6. All of us moved everything over to TD Ameritrade in November. Thus far, it has been a fairly smooth transition with only a few hiccups. Personally, I’m excited to have a partner in TD Ameritrade who shares my core values.
  7. Lastly, in November and December, we were treated to something that hadn’t happened in 10 years, a bear market. By definition, a bear market is a drop of at least 20% in an index. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Index experienced that very late in 2018. Since then, we’ve bounced back some, but we are still not back to the September highs.

In closing, 2018 was a great year on a number of levels. I’m super excited to see what 2019 will have in store for each of us. Happy New Year everyone!

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